I just got an unexpected call, and am still reflecting back on the experience. Through years of difficult living conditions, family struggles, and racism something inside me changed and now I can never give up!

Even when all seems hopeless I can’t stop looking for ways to achieve my goals, because I know that even if I fail something good always comes out of striving. So today I want to show you guys a conversation I had with one of my property sourcing agents.

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Hi. Great to hear from you. How have you been?

I’ve just been round to that building you showed me.

Sourcing Agent (SA)

Are you trying to go behind my back?


No. What do I have to gain?


Jonathan (the manger of the building) just told me you asked him to show you the building.


Uhhhh? Really?


I told you that if you wanted to see the building you have to ask me.


I see the building every day, I live two minutes from it and show every potential investor the outside of the building


But you asked Jonathan to show you around.


No. Jonathan was outside at the time. I told him I was with my architect and Jonathan asked if he wanted to have a look round.


Jonathan said you asked him


No. He asked me and my architect and my architect said yes. I asked Jonathan if he was sure about it.


Jonathan told me that you asked to look around.




You also told me that you cannot compete with the buyer who has £13 million in cash.

So why are you looking around?


I told you that I can’t move as quickly as the other buyer and that I did not want to mess you around.

I also told you that if you could give me two months I would have the money available.


But you told me…



What do I have to lose by showing someone the outside of the building? Why would I want to do something behind your back?

You already have a buyer who you have told me will do the deal in a week. So I have nothing to gain by upsetting you.

But understand this; until this property is off the market I am not giving up.

I never give up when I am interested in something. Since I spoke with you, I have had three people come back and said that they have the finance available.

Until you call me and tell me the property has been officially sold I will never give up.

I told you that I cannot show you proof of funds for at least two months but that situation may change. SO what do you want me to do? Just roll over and give up?


You said you are going abroad for a week and you are showing people around behind my back! You also told Jonathan you want to see the owner.

I told you if you show me proof of funds I will arrange for you to see the owner.


Look – at this moment it doesn’t matter what I do. I don’t have proof of funds yet so you’re still going with the other buyer.

What do I gain by upsetting you? I told you that  I never give up!

So what if I am going abroad in a few days? Does that mean I should give up? So what if I said you should go with the other buyer for now? Does that mean I should give up?

I only said that to you because I did not want to mess you around. I like this building and I never give up. Never.

Why on earth would I want to upset you? If I upset you then I lose access to lots of other buildings. That is crazy behaviour.

I told you what happened. I did not ask to go into the building, but even if I did – how does that change the outcome?

The question is “do you believe me and do you want to do business with me in the future?” because now I am angry with you. Just understand that I DO NOT GIVE UP.

Jonathan, probably didn’t want to get into trouble that is why he said what he said.

But so what if I did ask to be shown around? How does this affect the outcome? I was trying to help you by what I said about the other buyer.

Of course I don’t want you to sell to him! But if the seller wants to move super quickly… I didn’t believe I could move that fast.

I was wrong, so do not ask me to just give up.


You know Ben, this is why I like you. You are honest and straight forward. Even if you do not get this building. We can do business – I have another office block in London that is coming up – perhaps we can do a joint venture together.

Never give up!

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There was a lot more to this conversation which lasted for about 60 minutes, but the gist is shown here.   Never give up on your dreams. Never give up on your goals. Always look and find a way. Demand from life what it is you want and one day life will give up.

But life will not just roll over and give you your dream. Life wants to see how serious you are. How much you are willing to sacrifice to get your dream. So never give up. Never ever give up.

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