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Looking for property deals but don’t know where to start?
At Propertunities we seek Property Investors of any level of experience to invest in high yielding properties for a great return.

Any Experience Level

We are looking to work with both Angel Investors and Joint Venture Partners of various experiences. At Propertunities we believe in working in partnership and so are open to both armchair investors or those wanting a bit more hands on experience. We will find the level of involvement to suit you.

Investment Level

We believe that Property Investments should be open to as many people as possible.  You can start investing from as little as £20,000 over an investment period that typically lasts 12 months.

Investing in England & Wales

Propertunities’ core strategy is acquiring Houses of Multiple Occupancy (HMOs) with a focus on selected areas of England and Wales. Our secondary strategy is flipping which is focused predominantly in the South.

Source to Us

Are you a sourcing agent specialising in HMOs, Flips or Commercial Developments? We are interested in building long term relationships and utilising your team in the area. If this sounds like you, please contact us to discuss your deals.




Propertunities is an exciting new business with a vision to provide high quality rental accommodation the length and breadth of Britain. It has been easy working with them and I recommend them highly

~ Mr Lewis ~

A huge THANK YOU to Propertunities for giving me the opportunity to get onto the London property ladder! I still remember the dinner with Ky Le that led me to meet the Chais (Ben and Jess). It was an absolute pleasure being surrounded by honest, positive and motivated individuals, and I simply did not expect to walk away with a new burst of energy in life! What also took me by surprise is that one social evening built up enough trust for me take the leap of faith and invest with Jess very soon after. I never would have guessed that 6 months after that evening, I would be staring out the window of my own flat, writing a brief testimonial about the Propertunities team; especially when my idea of buying in London only came a few months after!

I would like to sincerely and wholeheartedly thank Ky Le, Jess, Ben, Miles and Lex for their on-going support and extremely hard work in giving me my home. I really can’t wait to work on the next win-win opportunity with Propertunities!

~ Peter N. ~

First and foremost, we believe in investing in human potentials. The Propertunities team is a team full of young and energetic partners, who deliver as they promise. They had fulfilled all our expectations. What we particularly like about the team is their true commitment to every word which had been agreed, and also the fun in the way they do things. We highly recommend their services to you, since they have shown their integrity in everything they do and promise; and we hope you will experience the same way too. Good Luck!

~ Mrs & Mr Li – Hong Kong ~

Having spent over 4 weeks intensively with the Propertunities team members has certainly transformed my understanding of the UK property market and given me a whole new set of perspectives and strategies. Next to the deep understanding of the UK property market, one of the more impressive trades of the Propertunities team is their rich network of builders, architects, international high net worth investors and anything in between.

Propertunities is easily recognisable as one of the hottest entries into the UK property market. The rich variety of investment strategies that this capable team of property entrepreneurs can handle with confidence, experience, and due diligence is nothing short of impressive. Any strategy ranging from simple buy-to-lets, multi-lets, HMOs to complex commercial conversions of up to £ 20 mil. projects are competently turned into well-oiled profit generating machines by the motivated team members.  Until this point, most property investment projects have been about making the numbers work. Propertunities has the potential, the mindset, and the drive to change the property game as we know it today for the better – and they are well on their way. Propertunities is an opportunity you do not want to pass up!

~ Cornelius H. ~

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